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At ELECTRECH, we aspire to take this rich tradition forward . We take into account your evaluated expectations and raise our standards to meet them on a continuous basis. This we accomplish through a sheer commitment, by investing in our state-of-art facilities, and especially after-sales-services. The rich history of our group ensures that edge in achieving these ambitions. 
We strive to serve the needs of our valued customers with world class brands, with which we have exclusive agreements, that guarantee quality and timely deliveries, which exude superior value. Appreciating your trust and assuring our utmost conviction that you receive nothing less than
what you deserve to.
On the way to this growth ELECTRECH has executed major projects and built up impressive statistics:
Our “Manufacturing Facilities” have turned out 100,000 Nos of Electrical Distribution Equipments in all kinds of industry. Our “Engineering Services” has electrified cities and towns , and has played their role in the development / rehabilitation of societies and countries.
We wish to leverage our technology infused manufacturing, strong, credentials as a general contractor and solid base in engineering, to offer Turnkey and EPC services of high quality in the niche market of retrofits, and small to medium projects in our traditional areas of business. 
Values , Mission , Vision and Core Values.

· Honesty             · Courage                 · Integrity             · Respect and dignity         · Prosperity for stakeholders including employees.

Vision & Mission 

To be recognized as a reliable source for ensuring business success by delivering engineered products, services and turnkey solutions at the most competitive price yet world class in quality and reliability.

To become an exemplary Engineering , Contracting and Manufacturing Company, known for its project management skills, high integrity and unflinching commitment of its entrepreneurial owner employees, towards customers and other business.



Plot.#.45, Block-5, Sector C-2
Township, Lahore, Pakistan.


Phone: +92 42 111 786 375  
Fax: +92 42 35110944


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